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My Relationship with my daughter is being held hostage by The Church of Scientology even though I have not been a member for 35 years and never spoke negatively to her about Scientology. Ironically the day after the HBO documentary Going Clear:Scientology,Celebrity and the Prison of Beliefs aired, I had been declared a suppressive person, a Church "enemy". This meant my daughter now must disconnect and disavow me or suffer worse consequences even though the Church representative in the movie strongly denied having a disconnection policy in force.
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Scientology: Distorted Perception,Delusional Beliefs and Demented Actions

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Relentless, Rescuing My Daughter from Scientology, An Illustrated Book

That Scientology is considered a religion is strange enough in that there is nothing about faith in God, no such thing as prayer and the only public work they really do is go to devastated areas and distribute they brochures that tell of wonderful ideals people she follow, which they as a church refuse to follow. Worse is these pamphlets are to promote who they what you to believe they are so you will but their books and take their services, all which have set prices.

Fortunately even thought the Untied States has allowed them religion status many countries across the planet refuse to participate in this deception. Denmark, Germany, Belgium,Brazil, Mexico, Norway Chile, Czech Republic and Russia. In CANADA and Ireland they do not have status as a federally registered charity for tax purposes.

Proclamation For The Reformation of The Church Of Scientology To Restore Truth, Justice and The Constitutional and Human Rights of All Members and Non-Members.

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Insights And Experiences Blog

Until I received my Declare Order I never had any reason to read, watch or listen to any information by former Scientologists either pro or against. I had no interest and saw no value in this. My life had been an amazing spiritual adventure of traveling around the world and studying with great masters in in their respective fields. My mind was open wide to reach out and absorb the knowledge of both ancient cultures and modern developments.
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Stop Scientology's Extortion Through Disconnection

A ket element of Scientolgy's doctrine on handling others is a policy letter of 7 March 1965RC re-issued 13 March 2013 entitled Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.

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Father files civil rights complaint against Church of Scientology, says he can’t speak to daughter

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Civil Rights Violations,Fraud and Mind Control

Freedom without freedom of expression is a fraud Oppression begins the moment expression is limited. Only with transparency is there true communication possible to obtain knowledge, responsibility and truth. Our purpose is to restore the civil and constitutional rights of all directly or indirectly connected to the Church. To do this we need you help to file a claim in your state similar to the one presented here. If we could just got one claim filed in every state then we can create momentum to effectuate change and return peace. PLEASE we need action NOW ! Wishful thinking and words of encouragement fall short. Only focused action exercised with a burning desire will bring about the changes we desire.
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My 95 Theses for The Church of Scientology Reformation as inspired by Martin Luther....

Proclamation For The Reformation of The Church Of Scientology To Restore Truth, Justice and The Constitutional and Human Rights of All Members and Non-Members, October 31st, 2017

  1. The fundamental principles that guide reason, love and peace are the essence of a sane civilization and can never be ignored.
  2. Religion is charged with the stewardship of the spiritual nature of man regardless of the name given to the Cause of the Universe invoked. All beliefs are honored and respected.
  3. Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life and it cannot be “bought.”
  4. The brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations and the activities of any group.
  5. The core of a society is the family unit and nothing should ever come between the love and caring of family members or their rights to choose their own lifestyles.

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Please help support our mission to bring transparency to the Church of Scientology. I am an activist that will disseminate this message to politicians, religious leaders and other opinion leaders. My goals is to help bring peace to all those who have been harmed and prevent all those who will be harmed by the disconnection policy and lack of transparency in the Church of Scientology.
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Helpful Resources

Developing community amongst like-minded individuals helps create small islands of peace and sanity for each person to thrive. Soon the islands are so many they form new continents. Through sharing resources that are helpful to our stated goals we hope to help restore individual and group power and sanity again.
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