When I started this site in 2015, my first goal was to provide a way to use existing state and federal laws to prevent any violations or intolerance of any person associated in any way with members of the Church of Scientology. My second goal was to ensure there is transparency as to the terms and conditions for any person taking any of their services in the Church of Scientology.

I believed there were many ways this could be done without getting into a legal battle in the courts. Most states have Civil Rights Commissions that their citizens can use and Attorney Generals to help in these circumstances. I had hoped if I was successful, many would then be able to use my successful template as an example to file a claim with their state as soon as possible.

I was wrong! For years I spent time communicating with the Florida Civil Rights Commission, Florida Attorney General’s office as well as my state senators and congressman. I didn’t know at the time that Attorney General Pam Bondi had received substantial contributions from prominent Scientologists in special fund raising that was done by them for her. Did this influence their decisions? Of course I’m not sure, although I did get more concerned when I heard after she received $25,000 in campaign funds from Trump organization and then she dropped a potential investigation into illegal activities of Trump University. Then she ended up speaking at the Republican National Convention. Coincidence?

This is only one of many blocked efforts to obtain justice from local, state and Federal Government authorities

This is detailed in my April 6,2021 release of Relentless, Rescuing My Daughter from Scientology=A Illustrated Book, now available at Amazon.

I know by publishing my book I am at risk to be attacked by by the Church of Scientology and any Scientologists. This is part of their doctrine, to attack by any means anyone who criticizes or opposes anything Hubbard says or the Church practices. I wouldn’t be surprised they dig up every mistake I ever made and make me appear to be my mistakes, instead of the person who learned from my mistakes, asked forgiveness and used these error as opportunities to learn and grow. This may go so far as to try and get my Scientologist ex-wife, brother and daughter to make videos that point out my imperfections. And so it is! But if my book can help existing Scientologists to wake up from their deep hypnotic states and leave or prevent those contemplating getting involved with Scientology in the first place, then I will have succeeded. I pray this will include freeing my daughter from her prison of beliefs.

Now if you think that is crazy, imagine how the Church of Scientology is able to pay for all these harassments and covert operations with your tax dollars! Did you know that for some unknown reason, this hate group. who destroys families and does many others despicable human right violations, was granted tax exempt status!

You see its one thing to grant someone religious status ,anyone can say they are in this country and that is all they need to be recognized as one.(Check out John Oliver’s revealing “Religion” episode on Youtube!) Yet tax exemption is NOT automatic even if you are a registered religion. How do you feel about helping fund this church’s attacks on others? Why is it in so many other countries around the world they refuse to give this cult religion or tax exempt status? And believe me, this is just a small part of what this church does that violates our civil and human rights!

It took a while for me to let this all sink in because I kept thinking this was all a mistake and they would realize the mistake they made and reverse their condemning me as a SP a suppressive person and therefor their enemy. Yet the more I researched about this cult, reading everything I could get my hands on, the more infuriated I became. I began to realize the fraud they committed on me when they had me first became involved in 1970 when I was 17 years old. I share this entire process in Relentless.

I am grateful to one former Scientologist who after four years of forced disconnection from his family felt the impact of his mothers constant protesting online and finally decided to look into these allegations himself. He said it was her constant making of noise that finally helped him break the control of this cult on him. When he finally investigated things for himself he was dumbfounded when he discovered the great number of lies and civil rights violation his “church” was committing ever since its inception. I am so happy he is now reunited with his family again and hope one day soon to be with mine!

As Americans we must be able to question authority and freely express our concerns without fear of retribution. These are the principles of our founding fathers. I want my daughter and all others to have the opportunity to consider all the facts she is unaware of about the many misrepresentations of L. Ron Hubbard and the Church so they can make informed decisions. Perhaps they’ll realize that there are other ways to receive help to improve their life that is outside the Church should she so desire. Perhaps many will begin to realize Scientology was created by a madman who took credit for the work of others and renamed these principles to make it seem he was their source.

The journey of self-improvement and the road to freedom is like a spoke in a wheel, there are many paths to the center. If someone is promising you freedom then they should practice it. Conversations about alternatives approaches should be encouraged. Asking questions, trusting your personal experience and having the ability to not be surrounded by threats to your family or future, is essential for liberation to occur in our lives. Putting up walls around a person to keep them safe from other ideas is slavery. To think someone so weak that differing of opinions are defended against with such ferocity demonstrate how weak and fragile these levels are.

I hope you’ll sign my petition so I can use these names with politicians to show them there are many voters involved and they should help champion this cause. But whether you don’t, please pass this site information on to your friends and family and anyone you know who is considering getting solved with this cult or already is. And if you would be so kind, to place in your prayers that my daughter, grandson and the thousands of other families ripped apart by this evil cult, will be reunited while the free ride this cult is getting with our tax dollars, is ended!

In peace and compassion, Brian