I share these resource sites as I believe the ability to freely question ANY established organization is vital for the integrity of that organization and the authenticity or the knowledge they purport to share. Check out the many incredible source material of insightful researchers and investigators of the mind through epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, bioenergetics, psychology, Hellinger Constellations, Quantum Psychology, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, theosophy, Patanjali, Vijnan bhairava, the Vedas and meditation. These are the foundations of my work which I call The Science of Quantum Embodiment. I hope you find them useful and please suggest other resources to me that you found helpful.

The Scientology “Call Me” Billboard Campaign
The Underground Bunker-THE blog on Scientology
Personal Research and Development To Access Your Inner Pharmacy
The Many Dimensions of Brian Sheen
The Tell-All Book by Scientology’s “Dictator’s” father
Famed Actress’s Personal Story of Escaping The Cult of Scientology
The Escape from Scientology of Children raised and brainwashed in the cult.
Expose’s of Scientology’s ongoing mind control and Human Rights Violations by former Insider Karen De La Carriere
Former Top Ranking Scientology Insider Mike Rinder’s Eye Opening Blog
A Library of Resources of Scientology’s Fraud,Extortion and Mind Control
Truth’s Scientology Tries to Keep Hidden
An eye opening look at the ongoing deceptions of this cult by Alex Gibney

Also please checkout Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s award winning series Scientology and The Aftermath, now available on Netflix