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I felt so fortunate to stand on the shoulders of all those who came before me to research and practice what they had leaned to develop my own perspective for helping others find another way to feel good, be happy and successful and come to experience Self Realization.

I am forever grateful to so many and in particular to my teacher in India who,over many years shared the vision of Oneness with me and showed me the power of meditation. Studying with him the past two decades has been profound.During it I realized that the most powerful experiences I had in Scientology was doing an exercise which really was meditation but they called TR 0. This exercise was learning how to be there and do nothing. You sit quietly in chair across from another and just abide in non-judgmental awareness. I had always linked this to being a special exercise developed by Hubbard I but I came to realize it was in fact meditation. Hubbard was brilliant at doing this, using the research of others to give it a modern twist and renaming it to make it look like he was the source of the knowledge. I am grateful for how he adding his perspective to this and many other exercises and processes. However from my investigation of the past 35 years I came to see he wasn’t the source of very little knowledge but mainly renamed or retooled the findings of others. He drew from the Vedas and Freud, Patanjali and Jung and so many more. I found it amusing how he would utilize others ideas and then say demeaning thing about them to make it sound that his superior mind found the real truth! My perspective is this, Scientology is NOT the study of knowledge as he claimed, it was the study of Hubbard’s beliefs of knowledge, completely removed from the source from where it originated! His “science is really science fiction. He imagined it all and has refused scientific validation of “his” technology, calling anyone who questions him a suppressive person and enemy to be attacked and destroyed!

I was shocked to read how many of the false claims Hubbard made of his extensive travels and intensive studying of different cultures healing practices. He spent a few weeks travleing and then made it seem he spent years there. Nevertheless for me they acted as a great catalyst as I wanted to explore all these and more myself and come to my own conclusions already knowing the conclusions he had drawn and methods he wrote about for utilizing it. I cannot tell you the incredible travels and experiences I had over the past thirty years working with Credo Mutwa the head Zullu shaman in Africa or with Dr. Alexnader Lowen and Dr. Bob Glazier in Bioenergetics. My meditation guide for the twenty-five years, Swami Shyam, opened my eyes and expanded my mind to wonderful levels after many trips to India and decades of study and practice. My training with Richard Bandler in Meta NLP and Dr. Alan Chips in transpersonal hypnotherapy were incredible. Studying with George Leonard at Escalon and leaning the power of movement and dance in Findhorn were among the many highlights of my journey. I can never forget meditating on the Spinx in Egypt and in the darkest sarcophagus beneath the Giza Pyramid. There was nothing like spiritual journeying in the deep amazon with the Shuar or reliving a past life at Teotihuacán. I have many fond memories of studying a Course in Miracles with Ken Wapnick and chanting with Gurumayi. Doing Holotropic Breathwork with Stanislov Grof was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Doing past life regressions with Dr. Brian Weiss was amazing! I am so fortunate to have been able to experience and integrate in my own way all these modalities to let their blending create what I now call Quantum Embodiment(c). I am forever grateful to Stanley Kellerman for validating what I come to know and then take it to another level altogether. I can go on and on. But then of course there have been the thousands of teachers often called students and clients who were courageous enough to face their weakness and willing to find another way! These students and clients of mine at the Quantum Healing Center at then at my school the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, have been outstanding examples of how we each teach and learn simultaneously. They helped me discover the fastest way possible to help improve a personal mental and emotional state, which culminated in my recent book Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy and creating my online courses at Udemy and elsewhere for attention development and emotional wellness.

At some level I believe that God/Life/Truth has lead me to this point to help change these specific conditions at this specific time. I feel like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita fulfilling a key element of my dharma, my life’s purpose on this relative field of existence. This is a righteous battle to say NO to lies and hatred and to bring light and freedom to take away the fear and darkness. Don’t get caught in the “facts” of the mind but trust the faith in your heart that God will pour his favor upon you if you maintain your faith in your Creator. This I work on every day through my meditation, using A Course in Miracles and forgiving myself and others of all mistakes and wrong-minded thinking to keep my heart and mind open. Like David versus Goliath or Arjuna and Krishna versus the ten thousand warriors opposing them, I will prevail as God known to me as Love,Truth, Light or Self, will lead me to victory and myself and thousands of others be reunited with their families.