I submitted my Civil Rights complaint to Florida on July 4th,2015 to align myself with the collective consciousness of all those celebrating this day of independence. The freedoms our forefathers fought for is a great reminder that in this world there are powerful tendencies for one group with power to enslave others to feed off of their weakness, ignorance or unwillingness to stand up and say “No”. Freedom in the world begins with our individual freedom to be, do and have that which aligns with our Higher Self and is extended from our heart in peace. This requires tremendous self inquiry to uncover the hidden attachments that chain us to the mind and all its ideas. Once we realize we are the Knower of the mind, not the mind itself, that pure, free being of light and spirit we become unbound by the minds limitations and can live in the world with this knowingness but no we are not of this world, as Jesus once shared so beautifully.

I hope this expression of mine will motivate each of you to action to sign the Disconnection Registry if this was your experience and to sign our petition to stand up and be counted to make our message clear to the Church of Scientist and the world, There is another way!

The story of Brian Sheen and his ‘disconnected’ Scientology daughter you haven’t heard


The story hit Thursday night at about midnight, just as we were putting to bed our own piece about a Scientology day care scandal.
A local television station in South Florida repor […]

Father files civil rights complaint against Church of Scientology, says he can’t speak to daughter


News at www.wptv.com
July 2015
BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – A Boynton Beach man says his family is being torn apart by the Church of Scientology, which he says has labeled him an e […]

NBC Channel 5 Interview

Be the change you seek in the world.

Please check out this interview for more http://www.wptv.com/news/region-s-palm-beach-county/boynton-beach/father-files-civil-rights-complaint-against-church-of-scientology-say-he […]