My daughter Spring Sheen Atkinson-Baker, became involved in the Church of Scientology because her mother remained encouraged her to after we divorced in 1979. I had left and never looked back once I did as I felt they were dishonest and only cared about getting all your money. Through no fault of her own, over the many years living in LA, Spring built her world around her associations with many other Scientologists. I never objected as it was her choice and she was free to do as she liked. My philosophy was simple, if you feel it helps, then follow your heart. However I had never considered the possibility of getting declared when I left 40 years ago, because I cleaned up any conflicts I had with them to remain in good standing. I even participated in an amnesty they had given former members to be sure my ongoing relationship with my daughter would not suffer despite my full withdrawal from Scientology. I held no malice at the time and was sure to keep my opinions to myself of some of the crazy things I experienced while on their international headquarters called Flag doing advanced internships at some of the highest levels available at the time.

The fear of losing connection to my daughter kept me hostage to the unrealized depths of mind control I had been subject to during my involvement as a teenagerFront COVER Nevertheless, unexpectedly, in 2015 I was declared to be their enemy, a Suppressive Person, SP, and my daughter was forced to disconnect from me. I share this in great detail in my book, Relentless; Rescuing My Daughter from Scientology, An Illustrated Book.

Sadly, as I detail in my book and videos, The Church of Scientology has no sense of responsibility for the mistakes they make and often actively support their members who commit massive fraud, rape, child abuse and human trafficking.