My daughter Spring has been involved actively in the Church of Scientology as her mother has remained involved after we divorced and I left. Through no fault of her own she has built her world around her associations with many other Scientologists.I never objected as it was her choice and she was free to do as she liked. My philosophy was simple, if you feel it helps, then follow your heart. However I had never considered the possibility of getting declared as when I left 35 years ago I cleaned up all cycles to remain in good standing and participated in an amnesty given just for good measure. I held no malice at the time and was sure to keep my opinions to myself of some of the crazy things I experienced while on Flag doing my internships through Class VIII and HSST when I was training to take over the Senior C/S position at AOSH UK. The fear of losing connection to my daughter kept me a hostage and I felt like I am sure the Jews in Germany did when Hitler rose to power and they were too naïve to understand the depths of his madness for they wanted their once happy lives back.

The reality for my daughter is if she refused to adhere to the Church’s mandates to disconnect she would then be declared first a potential trouble source and finally a suppressive person herself . This would mean she would lose her new marriage, destroy her business, no longer be able to speak with her mother or ever see her best friends again as they were all Scientologists!None of this was ever made clear to her when she first got involved.

To make matters worse, the Church of Scientology refused to explain why they had taken these actions and refused to give me a chance to address what I was accused of and face who it was that was my accuser. For nearly 3 months I wrote them and requested the facts and they ignored me demanding he admit to his wrong doing and make amends, despite not giving any specifics as to what I did. Hiding behind their freedom of “religion” Scientology ignored my constitutional rights for being innocent until proven guilty and having the right for a fair trial to confront my accusers.

This was one of the key reasons I left 35 years ago, The Church has no sense of responsibility for the mistakes they make. They control their members by threat and don’t permit honest discussion or debate to exercise their rights of freedom of speech or association. They are intolerant of religious beliefs not in perfect agreement with their own. No-one is allowed to question their beliefs and actions although they are highly critical of everyone else! . They use their religious status as a shield to protect themselves from being liable for their continual abusive conduct from their staff against outside non-believers who they condemn. Even worse they outwardly lie that they demand their members to disconnect from loved ones without any regard with how their members really feel about it.

It’s coercion plan and simple! They draw you into their web of hope never telling you how they can at any moment ask you to divorce your spouse, abandon your children and friends and leave your job because they believe this person has questioned the validity of or criticized Scientology in any way.