My first goal is to provide a way to use existing state and federal laws to prevent any violations or intolerance of any person associated in any way with members of the Church of Scientology. This includes reversing the churches policy of Disconnection and continues to provide rights to all members who are minors and are taken advantage of by the undue influences placed upon them.

My second goal is to have the government reverse the tax exempt status of this cult that is using our tax dollars to tear families apart and violate so many peoples human and civil rights is revoked.

My third goal is that this cult share what they are truly about at the early stages of involvement so that the bait and switch they do between what they call the lower levels and the OT “upper” levels no longer occurs. This would allow people to decide for themselves if Hubbard Science fiction fantasies of the real problems an individual most overcome is to free themselves of hundreds and thousands of “entities” that have invaded their mind and body from “implants” from alien wars millions and trillions of years ago that cause them to suffer today!

My fourth goal is to ensure that after freely investigating and questioning all claims and information a person still wants to be involved, that there is transparency as to the terms and conditions person is agreeing to give the Church of Scientology by taking any of their services so they understand the mid control and life control they are being asked to give up if they join this organization.