I am a father who refuses to allow the relationship with my daughter to be destroyed by anyone! I meditated for two months on what it was I should do. I waited for some response from the only person I was told I could communicate with to respond to my requests to understand why this action happened. Never was I provided the facts to why I was suddenly,after 40 years,labeled a Suppressive Person and no longer permitted to talk to my daughter who was forced to disavow me or suffer every worse consequences.

I couldn’t believe that the person effected most, my daughter, wasn’t notified of any hearing which occurred. It baffled me that my daughter was never asked about our relationship and if she felt I was doing anything to interfere with her services at the Church.

Yet now as I update this section, a year later, I have awakened from a forty year trance from the mind control laid upon me as a teenager,and seek to find a way to not only re-unite with my daughter, but to help the thousands of other families also afflicted to re-cennect with their families.

It’s ironic that because of this event I watched the Going Clear; Scientology A Prison Of Belief movie and then read the book. I was shocked to discover how prevalent this disconnection policy had become and how many families were being ripped apart because of it. I began to search the web and read from many other sites but those no longer involved of all the struggles they had experienced. Surely things had gotten out of hand and whether it was because of David Miscavige the current leader of the organization or others with and behind him I didn’t know, but certainly something had gone so awry someone needed to speak up and continue to help find another way to bring peace. That is my goal; to find a way to bring reason and compassion to allow those who want to participate to do so with full transparency as to what obligations they are undertaking from the start and be able to maintain their constitutional and civil rights as they do. I want my daughter to have the opportunity to consider all the facts she is unaware of about the many misrepresentations of L. Ron Hubbard and the Church so she can make an informed decision and to realize that there are other ways to receive helpful personal and spiritual services outside the Church should she so desire. I want to have an in depth conversation about many other approaches available that she may find useful as well without a threat of hate and destruction by the Church hanging over our heads. Further, I now see that perhaps the best way to have change happen in the “church” is to have change outside them that becomes enough leverage to mandate change,getting their tax exempt status revoked!

Perhaps eventually the church leaders will be willing to sit down with me and tell me why they feel their disconnection policy is right and their constant violations of reason and justice,they work so hard to say they excel in,but end up doing the opposite. I would love nothing more than to communicate and find another way to peace and mutual interests.

Please read through the pages of what I am doing,the efforts with government agencies,the search for an attorney and much more.